How to Design a Blog and Monetizes it in 2020?

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This is a general article I will create a series of articles that will explain each step in more detail. Keep visiting my blog for more and more information.

I will explain my own approach which I tried and tested and saw its results. With WordPress CMS (Content Management System), you can share your experience, your favorite recipes, your lifestyle, share photos and stories of your travels, or anything you are interested in your life using WordPress blog.

Moreover, a well written and SEO friendly blog can top you on the Google ranking and this is easy using basic free plugins that are listed in the plugins category of the WordPress CMS. also, it is essential that the visitors should find your blog appealing. You can achieve this by designing your WordPress blog beautifully. A well-designed blog is beneficial for you in all the aspects. Ad type of theme and its colors differ from field to field also on self-preferences.

To make an amazingly designed blog the key thing is to pick the right blogging platform offering a broad range of design possibilities. WordPress has a huge collection of themes for all types of blogs.

You can check all the free WordPress Themes on this Link:

and you can check all the free WordPress plugins o this link:

Why I recommend WordPress as a blogging platform?

Now that we agreed on why you should use WordPress as a blog platform, you will need to do other steps like:

–    Register a domain name and set up your hosting server.
–    Install WordPress CMS on it and most hosting companies provide a 1 click setup process. And is one of these hosting providers.

–    Use a page builder so that you do not need a lot of coding to create your blog. And I use the “Elementor Pro” page builder it is the paid version of the free plugin “Elementor” but with more capabilities.
–    Work on the Logo and Navigation Menu.
–    Responsive WordPress Blog Website Design, where 80% of the web users are browsing the internet using their mobiles and this is auto-generated with Elementor plugin.

Now you have a blog, we need to monetize it! these are the Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online

1.    Affiliate Marketing
2.    Advertisements
3.    Sell Courses
4.    Sell Digital Products
5.    Sell Services

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular methods for monetizing a blog is to leverage affiliate marketing. This is especially useful when you’re just starting out and you don’t have your own products or services to sell.

2. Advertisements

While most people might think that adding some pay-per-click (PPC) ads will be a great way to make lots of money with their blogs, you need to have massive amounts of traffic as in 10,000 visitors per day or more to get the real income. The most recommended platform is Google AdSense.

3. Sell Courses

Selling digital online courses is another way you can profit from blogging. Develop intuitive and helpful courses that add a tremendous amount of value and the rest will be smooth sailing.

The most recommended platform is

4. Sell Digital Products

Digital products can be a combination of eBooks, videos, downloadable guides, resources, PDFs, software components, or plugins. Do your best to create something that helps fill a need. Don’t second guess yourself, as you’d be surprised at just how much money you can make by selling digital products on your blog.

5. Sell Services

Offering you services which you are good at it is one of the passive income methods that you can get and one of the best websites that provide a badge for you and handle payment with a small commission is


Create great content, follow the above steps, and make your blog design outstanding and admirable. Make sure to select an appropriate and creative WordPress theme. And use all 5 ways of monetizing, and the most importing it adding content to your blog on a daily basis to have the most of your blog.

Emad Zedan

Emad Zedan

Web, Apps & 2D Games Designer

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