Swordman Reforged (Android & iOS Game Review)

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Swordman Reforged

Swordman Reforged

Ready for more adventures with Sword Man? This game will give you, monster hunters, more levels to fail and pass, more cool weapons to show off, and MUCH MORE!

With the hunting season just around the corner, the hunter begins his journey to the land only to discover a strange phenomenon where inanimate objects are brought to life. How will the hunter investigate and deal with this mishap?

With a thrilling storyline laced with mystical elements, easy and smooth control, this exciting action platformer game can be the perfect pastime that you’ve been looking for. DOWNLOAD NOW and get on a quest to collect awesome epic swords, defeat new adorable little monsters and fight bosses and explore secret hidden maps with each dungeon!

Swordman Reforged
Swordman Reforged
Emad Zedan

Emad Zedan

Web, Apps & 2D Games Designer
Apps UI/UX
Emad Zedan

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