Deity Fallen (Android and iOS Game Review)

Deity Fallen

Deity Fallen

It is a new generation of combat mobile games released without a lock-on feature. The game is built with the Unity3D engine and the ARPG gaming experience is revolutionized. The dark world war is on the verge, and who can dominate in the Guild Wars? “Deity Fallen ” will set off a new round of dark frenzy.

“Deity Fallen”, a new generation of combat mobile game, reveals its 3 main classes with different characteristics including Berserker, Mage, and Assassin.

Plays a charger role in the team, has the ability to clean up the mobs quickly and the charge displacement skills. Berserker has a high DPS, crowd control, and the ability to fight alone. The main weapon of the berserker is the scythe, and the skills relate to the scythe. Look at how the Death Scythe reaps the souls.

Being the only ranged class, the mage’s HP and armor is relatively weaker than the other two classes. However, its DPS is superb. As long as a certain distance can be kept from the enemy, the Mage can win without injury. The Mage’s early skills are far more plentiful than the other two classes, and the power control ability can also play a supporting role in the team. It’s an indispensable role on the battlefield.

they are a high mobility class, and they have the most displacement skills among 3 classes. It is flexible and requires more tactics to use. The assassin has the only stealth skill in the game and can launch a critical strike after stealth. Hence it is very eye-catching, no matter the single or AOE damage.